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Champion in stock removal – the innovative CC-GRIND ROBUST

Product news - 10.05.2023

Champion in stock removal – the innovative CC-GRIND ROBUST

PFERD presents the modern, high-performance and ergonomic alternative to grinding wheels, flap discs and fibre discs

Lightweight, quiet, generates little dust, very easy to handle: the CC-GRIND ROBUST combines all of these great attributes in a single product. It offers much better ergonomics than a grinding wheel and generates around 85% less dust during use, as well as much lower vibrations – all whilst being noticeably quieter! But that’s not all – the CC-GRIND ROBUST also beats a grinding wheel in terms of stock removal, as it is exceptionally aggressive and removes material three times faster. A considerably superior surface quality is also produced.

One tool, multiple benefits

When compared against other types of disc/wheel, further user benefits become apparent. In contrast to flap discs, flat surfaces can be achieved thanks to its dimensional stability. The CC-GRIND ROBUST also beats fibre discs as it provides reliable results in edge grinding applications. Thanks to glass-fibre-reinforced plastic backers, this new grinding disc from PFERD also easily handles even extreme climatic conditions with no deformation. What’s more, the tool is easy to trim.

Even more aggressive with VICTOGRAIN abrasive grain

The CC-GRIND ROBUST is already available in the Performance Line SG ★★★☆ and Special Line SGP ★★★★. Both are also available in the STEELOX version for work on steel and stainless steel (INOX). The CC-GRIND ROBUST SGP offers all the benefits of the Performance Line SG, but with the high-quality VICTOGRAIN abrasive grain from PFERD.

The ultimate, constant top performance

The triangular, precision-formed abrasive grain makes it even more aggressive and enables it to achieve a uniquely high level of abrasive performance. Although VICTOGRAIN tools only have one layer of abrasive grain, they offer a better tool life than grinding wheels and many flap discs. The CC-GRIND ROBUST SGP with VICTOGRAIN combines the best available abrasive with the cutting-edge, innovative tool design from PFERD! Further information about the champion is available here .

All the benefits of CC-GRIND ROBUST at a glance:

  • Super-fast stock removal
  • Very ergonomic
  • Flat surfaces can be achieved
  • Easily handles tough conditions
  • Enables precise and accurate stock removal

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