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Car body files, milled tooth files, sharpening files and more

For manual roughing, finishing, chamfering and sharpening tasks, PFERD offers an extensive range of files, rasps and chain saw sharpeners to help meet demands ranging from coarse to delicate work on workpieces made from a variety of materials.

Car body files

Car body files from PFERD aren’t just used for work on car bodies. They are ideal for any surface work on sheet metal, non-ferrous metals and plastics requiring a particularly smooth and scratch-free finish.


Chain saw sharpeners from PFERD are exceptionally well-suited to the manual sharpening of saw chains.


CORINOX files have an exceptional surface hardness grade of 1,200 HV (Vickers scale) and are used for precise filing.



PFERD files have been manufactured in a world-renowned high quality for 200 years . The experience gained over many years as a tool manufacturer is constantly used for the development of PFERD files.

Application-oriented file shapes and cuts for industry and the trades ensure good efficiency . Even after prolonged use PFERD files achieve high stock removal rates and an excellent surface quality . State-of-the-art production technology and strict quality controls guarantee the outstanding PFERD quality.

PFERD is certified according to ISO 9001.

Files: the most important principles

We have summarized the most important principles about files, their design and how to use them here.



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