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Diamond needle files, three square

diamond needle file three square 140mm D126 (medium) for hard materials

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Technical information
diamond needle file three square 140mm D126 (medium) for hard materials

Grit size
D 126
Length, coating
70 mm
Length, total
140 mm
Three square
3.5 mm
Packaging unit
1 piece

Diamond files and sheets are used for tasks where conventional files fail due to the hardness of the material being worked on.

Diamond files and sheets are also used for processing hardened steel. The working temperatures are so low that no chemical wear occurs. This allows the higher hardness of the diamond grain to be exploited for a longer tool life.

Diamond needle files can be used generally in tool making.

Recommendations for use
  • Apply only slight pressure to the file, especially in workpiece edge areas.
  • Loaded diamond files can be cleaned in kerosene or anti-static plastic cleaner with a file brush. Alternatively, ultrasonic cleaning is also possible. Often it will suffice to knock the file against a hard object.
  • Avoid using grease!
Ordering notes
  • Customer-specific tool solutions are available on request.
Materials that can be worked
Abrasive materials
Case-hardened steels
Ferrite (magnetic material)
Graphite and synthetic carbon
Nickel or titanium-based superalloys
Steel materials with a hardness > 54 HRC
Technical ceramics
Tool steels
Tungsten carbide
Removing oxide layers
Surface work
Working on edges
Working on edges (chamfering, rounding)
Drive types
Manual application

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